Monday, January 21, 2013

The competition is less than a week away!

Hey everyone, just an update this time. I have been so busy getting ready and practicing for the BC Chef's 17th Annual Hot Competition Live! event coming up this Sunday that I haven’t been able to try any new food, wine or attend any events. There are six of us representing the Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island, each preparing our own salmon dish that must include; the salmon, a starch, a vegetable and a sauce.

                I decided to go with a pan seared salmon fillet, skin on, with a potato/leek/bacon risotto, wilted spinach with black truffle, with a beurre blanc sauce with saffron, chilli and mustard seed and topped off with some beautiful, fresh caviar. It’s such a crazy feeling being so excited yet nervous to this degree.

It’s funny looking back at the pictures of my dish that was completely different than what it is today, it seems to evolve each and every day, but I think it is finally where I want it. But who knows until the competition, could evolve further, even the day of.

                On top of all the prep that has gone into this competition, the following Tuesday I have to have another dish ready to see if I have what it takes to compete at the Eat! Vancouver event. So many ideas, not enough time anymore it seems. But such is the life of someone in the culinary industry and I wouldn’t change a second of it.

                So until next entry,

Happy Eating


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