Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome to the Island... Here's what this is all about!

          Hey there! I'm Adam and it is fantastic to meet you. You might be here because you clicked on a wrong link, you could have come across this searching for blogs about the very beautiful Vancouver Island, here in British Columbia, Canada. Or maybe, just maaaaybe you have a fire burning deep inside. No, not heartburn, I'm talking about the fire and passion for food, wine, fresh produce and all things tasty!

          I will be exploring the Island in search of incredible dishes that excite the pallet, wine that envelopes your senses, chefs that push the limits and eateries that are temples to the tummy. But before this adventure begins, let me tell you a bit about me.

          First off, I am a true food lover. From the moment I was old enough to be in the kitchen, helping my family create fantastic dishes both at home and at a number of my family's restaurants... At that age though, by helping I mean peeling this, washing that... You know, THAT kind of help. I soon graduated to using knives and learning techniques in preparation, and once that level of training was complete, on to actual cooking I went.

          By the time I hit 15, I was determined to blaze my own trail, be my own man and followed my other passion, racing and automotive tuning. I did we'll for myself in both aspects and made a good living, but alas, it was not meant to last. I found an emptiness still deep inside, felt a calling back to my roots, back to my first and true passion... Food.

          So, after almost a decade of automotive tuning and even owning my own automotive company (though I still tune and race), I embraced my culinary destiny and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island at Vancouver Island University (Formerly Malaspina University-College for all you alumni out there).

          So after years all over the map, from automotive to culinary school to where I am now, working both at the University in the kitchen and at a high-end restaurant with two amazing and renown  chefs, my dreams have become reality on a daily basis...

          But enough about me, lets get to why you are really here, our culinary adventure together! So in the instalments to come, pull up a chair by the fire, a window at sunrise or even the kitchen table, pour yourself a cup of local grown tea, fresh squeezed local orange juice or a glass of wine from one of the numerous vineyards here (hey, it's happy hour somewhere in the world... But hey, drink responsibly :p) and lets get on with the show.

Stay Tuned,



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